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Does my property qualify for a laneway house?

You’re not alone in wondering if your existing property qualifies for a new laneway house. It’s often the first question we are asked.

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There’s a myriad of regulations and rules, but in the end, more than 75% of the homes that are adjacent to a laneway in the city of Toronto DO qualify for a laneway house.

To qualify your property must:

  • Be adjacent to a public laneway. Properties with driveways from the front street with side or rear yards and/or garages, but that are not adjacent to laneways, normally do not qualify.
  • Be in the City of Toronto proper (including Scarborough, East or North York, and Etobicoke).


Curious about YOUR property?

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Just enter your street address – ie. 1234 Main Street – into the form above, and we’ll run a quick check using our online mapping tools and the City of Toronto GIS mapping system. Then we’ll apply the City laneway rules against our results, to give you a pretty good idea if you qualify. Then we’ll send along our analysis – usually within 48 hours.

Of course there is no cost, and no obligation, and we NEVER share your e-mail address with other entities without your express permission.

NEW! - our database of VERIFIED properties