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Our Laneway House and Garden Suite Showcase of Homes returns

It’s back!

Well, in fact it never happened the first time around, as our Laneway House Showcase was twice cancelled due to the pandemic.

So now, it’s back for the first time.  On Saturday, April 27th, 2024, from 10am to 3pm.

And now it’s a Laneway House and Garden Suite Showcase of Homes.  It’s your chance to visit up to 12 actual homes (from up to 12 DIFFERENT teams), on your own schedule on April 27th, both laneway houses and garden suites, right here in Toronto.

Meet the folks that designed and built them, and get a free tour of each home.  It’s an entire cross-section of different industry professionals and insights from across the industry, with many different companies represented.


With show homes from:


Denegri Bessai Studio

Eva Lanes

Project Studio Architects

Creative Union

Happi Builds



… and many more!


You can pre-register right here, it’s FREE:


Closer to the event date, you’ll receive a map and addresses for all the show homes, and details on each one, so you can decide which ones to visit, and when, within the 5-hour event duration.  You’ll provide your own transportation to each home, we’ll provide parking tips for each one, too.