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Sheppard West will see Toronto’s first corner-lot garden suite

It’s going to become a very popular trend.  Corner-lot garden suites.

And Toronto has now seen its first application.

This property near Sheppard Avenue West will be home to a corner-lot garden suite, in the side/back yard here:

After it’s complete, to the casual observer (standing near the “X”) it’ll just look like another house on this side street.

And should the owner decide to use the new garden suite as a rental suite, the tenants will be able to come and go from the garden suite without crossing through the main house back yard (the fence on the property now will likely be at least partially removed).

We are not yet sure how large the garden suite here will be, but the lot (161 x 40) is large enough to support a garden suite with three levels (including basement) and up to 1,936 square feet total (including basement).

The property already appears to have on-site parking for at least 4 or 5 vehicles.