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Lanescape building modern laneway house “tri-plex” in the east side

It’s a very exciting project by Lanescape, out in the east side, not far from Main Street Station.

When it’s complete, this will be the view from the laneway, that just happens to directly face a lovely park right across the laneway:

While it is three living units, it actually spans across the rear of three distinct, fairly standard residential lots.  So each of the three lots has the existing house, facing the main road, and now each will have a brand new laneway house, in the back facing the laneway, and the park.

These are photos from construction, just last week:

^ In the photo above, you can see the concrete block firewall being constructed between the end unit and the centre unit.  The end unit is still awaiting the wood-frame construction of the upper floor.

^ And this is the view from the opposite end, showing all three units under construction.

^ Site layout.

For more information on this project, or laneway housing and garden suites in general, you can directly contact Lanescape HERE.  Lanescape also has a very extensive catalog of their existing and completed projects, right HERE.

Laneway Housing Advisors is not affiliated in any way with Lanescape.  But we are huge fans of their work!