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EVERY Toronto street with laneway house activity

We’ve compiled a list of every single Toronto street with laneway house activity. 

This includes a compilation of addresses where the owner or builder has applied for a laneway house building permit at City Hall, and our own data from paid site visits and consultations, where we have verified laneway house eligibility.

Abbott Avenue (2 properties)

Alcina Avenue

Alhambra Avenue (2)

Alma Avenue (3)

Annette Street (2)

Argyle Street (2)

Armadale Avenue

Armstrong Avenue (2)

Arundel Avenue (2)

Ascot Avenue (3)

Austin Avenue

Badgerow Avenue

Bain Avenue (2 properties)

Balfour Avenue

Balliol Street

Barrington Avenue

Bartlett Avenue (3)

Barton Avenue

Batavia Avenue (2)

Bathurst Street

Beaconsfield Avenue (2)

Beatrice Street (5)

Beaver Avenue

Beech Avenue

Beechwood Drive

Benson Avenue (2)

Beresford Avenue

Bernice Crescent 

Beverley Street 

Biggar Avenue 

Blong Avenue

Boon Avenue (6)

Booth Avenue (4)

Borden Street (2)

Bowman Street (2)

Brock Avenue (3)

Brooklyn Avenue (2)

Brunswick Avenue

Brookside Avenue (2)

Bryant Avenue 

Bushell Avenue


Callender Street

Campbell Avenue

Carlaw Avenue (2 properties)

Carlton Street

Cavell Avenue

Chatham Avenue (2)

Chester Avenue (2)

Chisholm Avenue (3)

Christie Street (2)

Claremont Street (3)

Clinton Street (11)

Coleridge Avenue 

Concord Avenue (3)

Constance Street 

Conway Avenue

Cranbrooke Avenue

Crawford Street

Crawford Street (5)


Dagmar Avenue

D’Arcy Street (2 properties)

Davenport Road (4)

Davisville Avenue (2)

Delaware Avenue (3)

Denison Avenue

Dewhurst Boulevard (3)

Donlands Avenue (2)

Donmore Avenue 

Dovercourt Road (12)

Drayton Avenue

Dufferin Street (2)

Dundas Street East

Dunkirk Road

Dupont Street (2)

Durie Street (2)


Earnscliffe Road

Eastern Avenue

Edwin Avenue

Elm Grove Avenue

Emerson Avenue (4 properties)

Enderby Road

Estoril Terrace

Euclid Avenue (10)

Evelyn Avenue

Eversfield Road


Fairview Avenue (3 properties)

Fenwick Avenue

Fermanagh Avenue (5)

Fifth Street

Follis Avenue

Foxley Street (2)

Fuller Avenue

Fulton Avenue (3)


Gainsborough Road

Galt Avenue (3 properties)

Garden Avenue

Garnet Avenue

Garnock Avenue

Geoffrey Street (2)

Gerrard Street East (3)

Gilbert Avenue 

Gilmour Avenue

Givins Street 

Gladstone Avenue (6)

Glencrest Boulevard

Glen Stewart Avenue

Goodwood Avenue

Gough Avenue (2)

Grace Street (3)

Grandview Avenue (3)

Grange Avenue (2)

Greensides Avenue

Greenwood Avenue

Grenadier Road (3)

Gresham Road


Hallam Street (2 properties)

Hampton Avenue

Harcourt Avenue (3)

Harriet Street 

Hastings Avenue (2)

Hector Avenue

Helena Avenue (3)

Helena Avenue 

Henrietta Street

Henry Street 

Heward Avenue

High Park Avenue 

Hocken Avenue (2)

Hope Street

Hounslow Heath Road

Humewood Drive


Indian Grove (3 properties)

Indian Road Crescent 

Indian Road (2)

Indian Trail

Innes Avenue

Islington Avenue

Isleworth Avenue


Jane Street

Jones Avenue (5 properties)


Keele Street

Kelvin Avenue

Kenneth Avenue (3)

Kenwood Avenue (3)

Kintyre Avenue 


Lamb Avenue (3 properties)

Langford Avenue (6)

Lansdowne Avenue (7)

Lappin Avenue (3)

Larchmount Avenue

Lavinia Avenue (2)

Laughton Avenue 

Lawlor Avenue 

Leslie Street (3)

Lewis Street

Lisgar Street (4)

Lippincott Street (2)

Logan Avenue (5)


Macdonell Avenue

Mackay Avenue

MacPherson Avenue

Maher Avenue

Main Street (4 properties)

Major Street

Manchester Avenue

Manning Avenue (11)

Manor Road

Margueretta Street (3)

Maria Street

Mariposa Avenue 

Markham Street (8)

Marion Street

Maybank Avenue

McFarland Avenue

McRoberts Avenue (2)

Merrill Avenue

Middleton Street

Millicent Street

Minto Street 

Moberly Avenue

Montrose Avenue (5)

Morrison Avenue

Morse Street

Mortimer Avenue

Mould Avenue

Muir Avenue (2)

Mulock Avenue (2)


Neepawa Avenue

Northcote Avenue (2)


O’Connor Drive

Old Weston Road (5 properties)

Osborne Avenue 

Osler Street

Ossington Avenue (9)


Palmerston Avenue (8 properties)

Pape Avenue (3)

Parkway Avenue (2)

Pearson Avenue (2)

Pembroke Street

Pendrith Street (2)

Perth Avenue (3)

Peveril Hill N

Pharmacy Avenue

Pickering Street

Prescott Avenue

Prust Avenue


Quebec Avenue 


Rainsford Road

Randolph Road

Ravina Crescent (2 properties)

Rhodes Avenue (2)

Richmond Street W

River Street (2)

Riverdale Avenue 

Robinson Street

Roncesvalles Avenue

Rossmore Road

Roxton Road (4)

Rushbrooke Avenue

Rusholme Road (2)

Rushton Road

Russell Street (4)

Runnymede Road 


Salem Avenue (4 properties)

Seaton Street (3)

Seaton Street

Sellers Avenue (2)

Shanly Street

Shaw Street (2)

Shudell Avenue (2)

Simpson Avenue 

Silverthorn Avenue

Slade Avenue

Somerset Avenue (2)

Sorauren Avenue

Stafford Street (2)

Strathmore Boulevard (3)

St. Annes Road 

St. Clarens Avenue (4)

St. Helen’s Avenue (2)

St. John’s Road

St. Paul Street 

Sumach Street

Summerhill Avenue (2)

Sussex Avenue 

Symington Avenue (3)


Thyra Avenue (2 properties)

Tiverton Avenue (2)

Triller Avenue

Trowell Avenue


Ulster Street


Vaughan Road

Vermont Avenue

Vernon Street

Victor Avenue


Wanstead Avenue 

Wallace Avenue (2 properties)

Wellesley Street East (3)

Westmoreland Avenue (3)

West Lynn Avenue 

Whitaker Avenue

Willcocks Street

Wiltshire Avenue (2)

Willard Avenue (2)

Winchester Street (2)

Windermere Avenue (5)

Withrow Avenue 

Withrow Avenue

Woburn Avenue (6)

Wolesley Street (3)

Wolfrey Avenue

Woodfield Road

Woodfield Road 

Woodycrest Avenue 

Wright Avenue 

Wright Avenue (2)

Wychwood Avenue (3)


Yarmouth Road (2 properties)