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Garden Suite Advisors

In June of 2021, the City of Toronto released its initial draft regulations for garden suites in the city.

Some of the prosed bylaws are contained in THIS DOCUMENT.

Generally, when the policy passes through political approvals, one and two-storey garden suites will be permitted for most residential lots, across the entire city.

Property owners with typical rectangular lots, adjacent to two other similar lots on each side, will have options for garden suites that includes fairly generous limits for footprint, overall size, height, and setbacks.

FOOTPRINT (ground coverage)

  • up to 60 square metres (645 square feet), but no more than 40% of the back yard


  • up to 120 square metres (1291 square feet) for two-storey builds, plus basement where possible


  • up to 6 metres (19.7 feet) for two-storey builds


  • 5.0 to 7.5m (16.4 to 24.6 feet) from the main rear wall of the existing house
  • various side and rear setbacks and angular plane requirements on all four sides


  • Between 25% and 50% (depending on lot width) of the rear yard must be “soft” landscaping


  • Several sets of qualifiers are in place requiring a clear emergency access path to the garden suite, and to the nearest street fire hydrant

It’s anticipated that the regulations will allow for conversions/upgrades of existing garages and other ancillary buildings, and some garden suites will be capable of containing a vehicle garage, where street access allows.

Full implementation of the policies is not expected to be completed until very late 2021, or early 2022.

However, we have now opened our Garden Suite Consultancy.  For our standard $99 consult fee, we’ll come take a look at your property with you, and discuss your garden suite possibilities, right in your back yard – distanced, for up to an hour.

1,290 square foot garden suite. Exclusive to Laneway Housing Advisors.

We’ll follow up with an EXPRESS written report, that’ll match your property details with the required key parameters of the proposed draft garden suite bylaws, expected to be confirmed later in 2021.  PLUS, as the new guidelines are enacted, we’ll UPDATE your report online in keeping with any and all changes to the program as it moves towards implementation and political approval.

The EXPRESS report includes a detailed diagram of your back yard, with applicable sizes and measurements noted.

You will know NOW what you will likely be permitted at your property, and as we move forward, you’ll stay on top of any changes , and you’ll be the very first in your neighbourhood ready to move forward from day #1.

Right in your back yard, (with very generous social distancing) we’ll discuss:

  • Eligibility 
  • Costs and construction details  
  • Options, size and siting
  • Uses – personal or rental income

ORDER your in-person consultation at your property today:

** ORDER your report – plus our site visit, just $99

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