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Garden Suite QUICK reference


Site coverage and footprint

  • 25% for all buildings on land – 40% of rear yard

FOOTPRINT:  60 square metres maximum – 646 sq. ft. – x 2 floors is 1,292 sq. ft. max total over two floors, main and upper.   A basement is also allowable.

SETBACK – for most properties not at end of block or through to another street

From house rear wall – 5.0m for a garden suite up to 4.0m tall (single storey, but with possible sleeping loft) and 7.5m for a garden suite up to 6.0m tall (two storeys).

Rear – 1.5m except lots over 45m deep, they will be greater of 1/2 of height or 1.5m

Each Side – greater of 0.6m or 10% of lot frontage (eg. if your lot width is 10.0m, then each side setback must be 1.0m)


Front – same as laneway house – at 7.5m back and starting at 4.0m height

Rear – starts at 2.0m height at rear property line

Side – from 4.0m height at the required setback line


50% of rear yard – or 25% on lots less than 6m wide

This includes the area the garden suite is places on, so almost all of the rear yard must be soft landscaped.