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Modest Vancouver home with laneway house sells for over $4 million

‘That’s a bit scary’: Vancouver home’s record $4-million sale highlights the risks of paying over asking

From the Globe and Mail:

Realtor Danny Nikas thought that they might be pushing it, listing an east side property on a 33-foot-lot for almost $3.6-million. But the seller, who’s experienced in real estate, insisted on the price. They ended up setting a Vancouver record.

The seller had purchased an old house at 332 E. 23rd Ave., on the east side of Main, and in 2020, built a new 2,900 square-foot home with laneway house. Although it’s only a standard 33- by-122-foot-lot without much in the way of yard space or landscaping, and some mountain views, the seller knew that there was a market for it.


The seller insisted that they wait two weeks to look at offers. After two weeks on the market, the property sold Monday night for $4-million – the highest price paid for a house on a 33-foot-lot on Vancouver’s east side, says Mr. Nikas.

They received three offers, all over the asking price of $3.588-million. One offer was slightly higher than $4-million.

“I had so many calls the next two days from realtors, calling and saying, ‘I heard a rumour, is this true? Four million dollars?’ One realtor said, ‘that’s a record that will never get broken.’ It will get broken – eventually.”


All the offers came from millennial age buyers with young kids. All offers were subject free and were made with a bank draft deposit. The winning offer came from Canadians who’d been working in Seattle and sold a house there, and that gave them the edge, says Mr. Nikas. Mr. Nikas felt that the couple with the American money would be less risky.

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