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“No moose” – but two houses for $575,000 each in Cliffside

It’s been a little while since we’ve run our Two Houses for $575,000 feature.

But we have this gem listed for sale today in Cliffside, near the bluffs in Scarborough.

It’s on a very deep lot, so you can likely build a laneway house here with not only parking for one, two or zero cars – your choice – but it can also have two more car parking stalls outdoors at the lane.  Up to parking for four cars.

It’s listed at $798,000.

You can likely fit a 1,312 square foot laneway house onto this property.  That might set you back at least $350,000.

But you add together the listed price – $798,000 – plus $350,000 to build a brand new laneway house exactly how you want it, and you’ve got TWO houses on the same lot for under $1,150,000 total.

That’s only $575,000 each, and one of them is brand new and built exactly how you want it.

Oh yes, one other thing.  The listing says the moose in the back yard is not included in the sale.

Really, right here.




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