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Update on the Mackay Laneway House – interior finishing coming together

From the Globizen Bulletin today more news on the Mackay Laneway House.
Click the links here to find earlier updates from MAY, SEPTEMBER, and OCTOBER.  


The drywall is all in at Mackay Laneway House and interior finishing work is now underway. Here are some recent photos.


The 8-foot long skylight is in and it looks great. It really frames the tree that sits above the house. The original design objective was access to natural light, but this framing of nature is a nice little bonus.


The front door was painted mint green to match Globizen’s primary brand color. It’s not quite the same green though. Here we used Benjamin Moore’s Lido Green. Some have called it ice cream parlor green, but we think it’ll look great against the house’s black exterior cladding. Toronto needs more color.

The windows have been hugely delayed and so those are still not in yet. We ordered them back in August but supposedly they’re still on a truck somewhere in Canada. Something about COVID. But who knows really. Thankfully we’ve been able to continue forward with construction.


All of the details within the house will be matte black — fixtures, hardware, exposed ducts, and so on. Here’s a photo of the door hardware that will be used throughout. We’re also going to be piloting a new Alfred smart home touchscreen deadbolt on the front door. All door hardware supplied by Gallery Specialty.


Both bathrooms will have wall hung toilets and vanities, which always helps the rooms feel a bit more spacious. Here in the main bathroom we used a white vertical tile from Stone Tile. Stack bond pattern. Matching grout.

Initially the plan was to create a fully green bathroom — something that would match the Globizen green front door. But we needed a tile that was in stock to meet our construction timelines. So white it was. You can’t go wrong with white.

The ledge you see running along the entirety of one of the walls is actually a mistake. The wall was built too far out. (Tub is 5 feet.) This ledge was the fix we came up with. But now that it’s complete, we actually think it’ll be a nice feature.


The ground floor powder room is just off of the main living area of the house. Because of this, we wanted to really differentiate the spaces and create a contrast between light (living room) and dark (powder room). We wanted it to feel like you’re entering a bit of a different world.

The result: matte black mosaic tile everywhere.

Next week the interior stair and energy recovery ventilator (ERV) get installed and we start on the black exterior cladding. We went with a bit of a different profile than what you may be used to seeing around town, and so we’re excited to see that come together. Stay tuned @globizen.

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