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How to name your laneway

We’re lucky here in Toronto, to have a valuable laneway resource group, right here in our neighbourhoods.

It’s called “The Laneway Project“.

And among other things, they can guide you through the entire process of naming your nearby lane.

From The Laneway Project:

Top 5 Reasons to Name Your Laneway:

1 • Safety and Security – A laneway with a name helps police, fire and paramedic services find it in the event of an emergency;

2 • Commemorating History – Naming a laneway after a noteworthy person, place, event, etc. is encouraged under Toronto’s street naming policy, and it helps preserve history;

3 • Placemaking – Naming a laneway gives the lane an identity, and creates a sense of place, which also serves to invite more pedestrian traffic, making it safer;

4 • Community Building – The collaborative process of naming a laneway helps build community connections, good will, and a feeling of neighbourhood pride;

5 • Invites Further Laneway Improvements – A laneway with a name opens the door to further laneway improvements, such as beautification and community events like laneway movie screenings, potlucks, and local farmers’ markets.

MORE on naming your laneway, from The Laneway Project HERE.



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