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Beautiful: $550,000 for this brand new 1,400 square foot laneway house

It’s a real beauty.

At $550,000 and a little over 1,400 square feet, this laneway house from Integrity Design & Build Inc. comes in at over $375 per square foot.


We finished the build in mid-August. It’s beautiful. To be honest, it’s nicer than my main house—it feels like a luxury condo. All said, it cost about $550,000.

From Toronto Life:

In 2018, the city started allowing property owners to turn laneway structures into livable suites. David Shedd, now 57, wanted to build a guest house or a potential rental unit, so he submitted an application. Then the pandemic hit, which complicated the building process and altered his plans for the suite. Now, with most companies working remotely, he thinks it will be the perfect work-from-home retreat.

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