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When will it happen? We’re waiting for the first property complete with new laneway house to go on sale

It’s inevitably going to happen some time soon.  Maybe even this fall.

With dozens of laneway house builds now complete, underway, or far into the planning stages, it’s only a matter of time before we see the first ever sale of a Toronto property that contains a house, plus a self-contained  laneway house.

Under the City’s Changing Lanes laneway house program, it’s not usually possible to “sever” the laneway house room the main property to sell on its own.

So when we see the first real estate listing for a Toronto laneway house property, it’s likely to include “two houses on one lot”.

With the average Toronto house priced at about $1 million now, and laneway house builds normally coming in at the $300,000 to $500,000 range, all of us are curious to see what the 2-home properties will sell for.

We spend a significant portion of our days here scouring the Toronto real estates listings, so when the first laneway house property turns up with two dwellings on it, we’ll feature if right here on our blog.

The most popular portion of our website today, is our listing of properties currently for sale, that likely qualify for a laneway house.  Eventually many of these homes will include a laneway house out back.



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