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Two Woodbine-Lumsden fully detached houses – one brand new – $715,000 each

Only every now and then we come across a nice detached house priced at under $1 million, right in the heart of the city.  AND the legal opportunity to add a brand new – and relatively large – additional detached laneway house on the very same lot, for less than $450,000.

91 Chisholm Avenue

Today, we see that unique opportunity right near Main Street Station.  Add the two together, the $979,000 current house purchase, and a brand new laneway house build that will cost under $450,000, and you have two houses for less than $1.43 million – or $715,000 each house.

91 Chisholm Avenue location

Now, the laneway house at this location on Chisholm Avenue could likely be as large as 1,620 square feet over two floors (more with basement, but this will add to cost), and extremely attractive.

Normally we’d say this little street would be a bit of a laneway secret, but at this time another large laneway house is under construction on the very same block.

A few blocks away, a laneway house that might be similar to what’s allowed on Chisholm Avenue is also under construction.

The rear of 91 Chisholm Avenue could look a bit like this, with a new laneway house built on the laneway

The photo of the laneway house under construction above is an east side laneway house from MGB Construction.


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